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Yacht Charter Contracts

Are you the proud owner of a catamaran, maybe thinking of purchasing, and looking to get the most out of your investment?

Have you considered entering into a yacht charter agreement with a reputable charter company like MARINA BOAT CHARTERS?

why Choose marina boat charters?

Here are just a few reasons why putting your catamaran in a MARINA BOAT CHARTERS fleet could be a smart move:

experienced / licensed captains and crew

Professional Hands

We only charter our boats with our own fully licensed and experienced captains and crew on day or half day charters.

So your boat is always in professional hands.

We do not charter bareboat, so our boats are immaculately kept.

Guaranteed Income

When you enter into a yacht charter agreement with a reputable charter company like MARINA BOAT CHARTERS, you’ll receive a portion of the revenue generated by each charter.

This means you’ll enjoy a guaranteed income stream from your vessel, which can help you cover your expenses and even turn a profit.

Professional Management

By putting your catamaran in an our company’s fleet, you’ll benefit from the company’s professional management services.

This includes marketing and advertising your vessel, handling bookings and payments, and even providing maintenance and repairs.

Increased Exposure

When your catamaran is part of our charter company’s fleet, it will be listed on MARINA BOAT CHARTERS website and promoted to our existing customer base.

This means your vessel will enjoy greater exposure and more bookings throughout the year.

Reduced Risk

When you own and operate your own charter business, you bear all the risks and liabilities associated with the business.

By putting your catamaran in our company’s fleet, you can transfer some of that risk to the company, which can provide you with greater peace of mind.

Access To Resources

When you put your catamaran in our company’s fleet, you’ll gain access to our resources and expertise.

This includes everything from marketing and customer service to maintenance and repairs. This can help you maximize your returns and minimize your stress and hassle.

100% Hassle Free

we pride ourselves on providing yacht owners like you with a hassle-free way to put their vessels to work. We offer yacht charter agreements that can be customised to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Plus, with our already-established presence and reputation for quality, you can trust that your vessel will be in good hands.

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We look forward to helping you get the most out of your investment!

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